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Counselling Group for Parents

If you have a strong desire to establish authentic communication with your child, set healthy boundaries, cultivate a relationship based on mutual trust, understanding, and security, and experience the joys of their growth without feelings of despair or engaging in counterproductive behaviors, then this seminar is tailor-made for you.

The program is structured around three pillars: Understanding, Awareness, and Counseling. Each session provides participants with the opportunity to: a) Gain knowledge about their children and themselves, b) Reflect on their own behavior, and c) Acquire practical strategies to apply in their daily interactions with their children.


  1. Understanding: We delve into relevant theories that help us comprehend the dynamics that can unfold within the family.

  2. Awareness: Through sharing and introspection, we observe and gain insight into the roles we assume and fulfill within the family dynamics.

  3. Counseling: By utilizing theory and collective wisdom, we offer specific guidance to address the challenges we encounter on a daily basis. Gradually, as we undergo personal growth, our relationship with our children evolves into an embracing connection that cultivates feelings of security, warmth, relief, empathy, and love.

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