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The Messengers. Reflections on Love, Responsibility, and Tragedy: A Journey of Awakening and Homage

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

"Mom, I'm home!" Like the 12 Apostles, these messengers have diligently spread the message of love, compassion, and responsibility. These concepts are intertwined, as genuine love carries with it a sense of responsibility towards oneself and others.

There are moments when I find myself pondering the reason behind tragic events. I question why such immense loss occurs. Is there not another way for us to awaken and be awakened? Why must we endure the crucifixion of Christ once more?

The magnitude of our actions bears great responsibility, an impact that may not be immediately visible but quietly undermines the very foundations of our society and the world we inhabit. Perhaps tragedies serve as a means for us to grasp our interconnectedness with this world, to recognize our accountability for what unfolds, and to acknowledge our foolishness in toying with life like spoiled children—a game whose consequences we now bear the burden of.

Instead of turning inward, we often seek external culprits, unable to bear the weight of introspection. And inevitably, someone will ask, "What can I do beyond mere shock? How can I alter the course of history?"

Salt, among the spices, constitutes a minute proportion—merely 0.5% of a dish's composition—yet it is precisely this measure that tantalizes our taste buds and preserves the delicate balance of flavors on our palates. Should we add even the slightest excess, equilibrium is disrupted, and all accompanying tastes fade into oblivion. Could it be that we are the Earth's salt, entrusted with maintaining balance amidst the ever-unfolding events, preventing conflicts, yet ultimately instigating them through our own negligence? It is as if the Earth beseeches us, through these tragedies, to assume our rightful place in the cosmos. To ensure that we sprinkle just the right amount of salt into our existence—enough to enhance its savor without overpowering it.

Within my personal pursuit of strength, I firmly believe that nothing in life occurs by chance. It seems that we have all converged here, each assigned a unique role, actors in the grand unfolding drama. This spectacle strives to elevate our consciousness, to cultivate empathy, a virtue that can only be nurtured by walking a mile in another's shoes. For, while critique comes easily, as do grandiose words, let us don the garb of others and venture forth into the chill, traversing their paths. It is then, perhaps, that we shall possess the capacity to truly question...

It is as if tragedy serves as an awakening, beckoning forth the responsibility ingrained within us to act in ways that elevate not only human values but also those that transcend borders, encompassing our planet and the entire universe. This weight of responsibility, which at times causes our spirits to falter, is indispensable and imperative for the evolutionary trajectory of our world.

May all the silences we have witnessed serve as homage to those who have shown us the way!


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