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The Morning Harvest: The Nexus of Leadership and Mental Well-being.

I'll admit, navigating the world of social media isn't my forte. I was raised in a family where the guiding principle was the ancient Greek saying 'τὰ ἐν οἴκῳ μὴ ἐν δήμῳ,' which means 'what happens at home, stays at home.' It's likely that most Greek families of my generation, and perhaps even those preceding us, faithfully adhered to this tradition, valuing the privacy of our personal lives. This shared cultural value is why many from our background might encounter similar challenges with the realm of social media, as I do.

Awakened with a sense of anticipation, I stepped outside to witness the charming garden nestled at the entrance of the quaint stone house. As I reached for the shears, I gently pruned the wilted tops of the rosemary, assisting it in producing fresh, vibrant leaves. I snipped a bit of basil, mint, spicy peppers, lavender, and even a zucchini with its delicate bloom, an extra touch. It was then that a guest shared a profound insight, 'A plant lacks strength; hence, some flowers remain without fruit.'

I crafted a basket, not just a simple vessel, but a creation that made me stand a little taller. You might wonder, what significance does this basket hold? To cultivate a garden, regardless of its size, requires someone to offer a piece of land, another person, perhaps, to help with the digging, planting, and yet another to show you how it's done. There's someone to provide seeds or young plants, waiting patiently to grow. There's rich, fertile soil, maybe even some fertilizer, but most importantly, it requires your love and care: the watering, pruning, clearing of dried leaves or flowers, the daily 'good morning,' or the music you play, so they too can feel your presence.

A collective of individuals, each contributing, giving life to a beautiful, miniature oasis.

Throughout this endeavor, faith, patience, and prayer are necessary for that opportune moment when they'll flourish. So, while at first glance, it might seem that one person takes the lead, beside them stands a team of individuals who've contributed in their own unique way to the work at hand.

This is precisely where leadership intertwines with mental well-being. To be able to feel the blessing of creation and the support of the team, to truly appreciate the morning harvest, no matter how diminutive, because it's the result of a perfect harmony between humanity and nature.

We are all leaders, whether we acknowledge it or not. What makes a person a leader is the personal responsibility to decide for each moment, to reject or embrace, to collaborate, to appreciate, to patiently await when needed, and ultimately, to savor the work, no matter what it may be. They bear the cost of their decisions and express gratitude to those who shared their dream.

It's this intertwined tapestry of leadership, care, and a shared vision that fortifies not only our individual growth but also contributes to the vibrant tapestry of our collective well-being.

The morning harvest is basquet filled with zucchini, peppermint, basil, dill, oregano, and lavender
The Morning Harvest

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