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Shaping Clay

My approach

I hold a profound belief in the innate tendency of individuals towards self-realization. Guided by this belief, my primary focus is to cultivate an environment of acceptance, safety, and nurturing care that will equip you with the essential elements for your personal journey.

My presence aims to redirect your attention towards your inner voices and needs, empowering you to recognize and embrace them. I am dedicated to the "here and now" of our relationship, helping you explore your present emotions, identifying any lingering influences from the past, and guiding you towards releasing what no longer serves you while adopting new perspectives that propel you towards a life filled with purpose, joy, and self-actualization.

Drawing from a range of psychological approaches, including Systemic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I employ a holistic and integrative method.

Additionally, I organize experiential Cooking Therapy workshops where I facilitate the exploration of:

  • Effective communication principles

  • Cultivating acceptance and respect for diversity

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

By blending ingredients and creating unique recipes, these workshops offer an enjoyable and meaningful way to enhance personal growth and provide an opportunity to share delightful culinary experiences with loved ones.

Driven by my unwavering commitment to my purpose and profound compassion for humanity, I continuously pursue my personal development. I specialize in group dynamics, couples counseling, depression, and grief management, ensuring that I am equipped to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

  1. We embrace diversity because we ourselves are unique in the eyes of others.

  2. We honor our story because it has shaped us and brought us to where we are today.

  3. We respect the memories that have been shared and those yet to be shared, keeping them all reverently in our closed chest.

  4. We share and embrace all the emotions that arise through sharing.

  5. We recognize anger as a precious emotion that reminds us of our boundaries and signals a need for change.

  6. We support a positive attitude towards life, understanding that while we may currently be experiencing a period of sadness, once it has taken the time it needs, it will give way to renewal and joy.

  7. Every form of creation is imbued with the emotions we hold within us and it is these emotions that are transmitted through our creations.

  8. The harmony of nourishment and enjoyment in food contributes to our true well-being.

  9. We cook our happiness daily with care, using fresh ingredients and abundant love.

Principles that form the framework and foundation of my therapeutic work

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