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Support Group Meeting

Empowering Relationships: Discovering Your True Worth

During every gathering, as we delve into passages from the book "How Much Am I Worth," the team engages in a profound exploration of themes and the construction of profound insights. Participants take a moment to reflect upon their personal lives, contemplating the challenges and stagnation they face. Through the power of intimate sharing, they ignite a transformative momentum, propelling themselves towards the change they truly seek.

During an 'Empowering Relationships: Discovering Your True Worth' workshop, participants learn to:

  • Recognize their differences and leverage them to create strong relationship bonds.

  • Acknowledge and embrace the emotions that arise with acceptance.

  • Exchange opinions and express their desires without guilt.

  • Communicate their boundaries and assert themselves.

  • Transform challenges into creativity.

"Through the group seminars, I have come to know the many talents of Kyveli. However, there is one talent that stands out as rare and greatly inspiring to me, and that is her gift of 'Composition'.

Kyveli possesses an exceptional ability to listen and understand the needs and desires of each team member, and she weaves them together into a unique creation that becomes the team's strength.

Her Composition evokes feelings of sweet tranquility, relief, and joy within me every time.

Kyveli knows well how to provide the necessary space and time for each team member to express themselves freely, while also setting clear boundaries within the framework of expression, grounded in respect, empathy, and acceptance of each member's uniqueness.

Every time I hear Kyveli's Composition, it feels like a sweet melody caressing my ears!

I am genuinely and deeply grateful for the experience of Composition through these seminars because it fulfills my inner need for people to come together, join forces, and contribute to the Common Good!

Kyveli, thank you and I am grateful to you!"

Sophia Karapouloutidou


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