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Nourish the Soul

Kyveli Papaioannou

Mental Health Counselor /

NLP Master Practitioner & Coach

Welcome to my website!

Allow me to initiate our acquaintance by sharing a glimpse of my journey. My name is Κυβέλη Παπαϊωάννου (Kyveli Papaioannou) and for 52 years, I have traversed a path abundant with experiences, challenges, unexpected turns, and achievements. I have ventured into diverse professions and explored various corners of the globe. Embracing the roles of a nurturing mother, a wife, an enterprising entrepreneur, a lifelong student, and a facilitator, I have amassed a treasury of vivid and grayscale memories, enriching me with profound understanding and compassion.

Today, I am dedicated to shaping future leaders through my lectures on leadership and by co-creating the innovative SCULPT Methodology. In addition to guiding individuals on their self-discovery voyage, I am passionate about empowering through counseling groups and facilitating transformative cooking therapy workshops. These workshops uniquely bridge the realms of leadership, nourishment, and mental health, harnessing the power of food to foster mental well-being and enhance leadership capabilities.

Furthermore, I extend my reach by conducting empowering seminars in the field of personal development. As I walk alongside you in your journey, my purpose is to inspire and empower, leading you towards a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Together, let us embark on an extraordinary quest of growth and transformation, finding harmony within ourselves and embracing the boundless potential that lies ahead.

Personalized Mental Health Counseling
Your Path to Wellness and Self-Discovery

Our individual counseling service is designed to provide you with a safe and confidential space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Our initial session serves as a foundation to explore the potential of our collaboration and whether it aligns with your needs. The duration and frequency of our sessions are flexible, customized to accommodate your preferences and schedule. While weekly sessions are often beneficial, I am open to discussing alternative arrangements, such as bi-weekly meetings, based on your circumstances.

Whether you seek short-term support or a longer therapeutic journey, my practice adheres to the ethical guidelines set forth by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Employing an integrative approach, I draw upon various therapeutic modalities to create a personalized framework tailored to your unique requirements and goals.

Reading Glasses on Book


The equation of one plus one equals infinity encapsulates a profound truth that extends to all groups. The potential of a team becomes boundless when collaboration, mutual respect, and a nurturing environment are present. Guided by this unwavering belief, a series of transformative group seminars have emerged, with a central objective of cultivating personal growth through collective synergy.

"Through the group seminars, I have come to know the many talents of Kyveli. However, there is one talent that stands out as rare and greatly inspiring to me, and that is her gift of 'Composition'.

Kyveli possesses an exceptional ability to listen and understand the needs and desires of each team member, and she weaves them together into a unique creation that becomes the team's strength.

Her Composition evokes feelings of sweet tranquility, relief, and joy within me every time.

Kyveli knows well how to provide the necessary space and time for each team member to express themselves freely, while also setting clear boundaries within the framework of expression, grounded in respect, empathy, and acceptance of each member's uniqueness.

Every time I hear Kyveli's Composition, it feels like a sweet melody caressing my ears!

I am genuinely and deeply grateful for the experience of Composition through these seminars because it fulfills my inner need for people to come together, join forces, and contribute to the Common Good!

Kyveli, thank you and I am grateful to you!"

Sophia Karapouloutidou


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